My Partner is Pressuring Me to Have an Abortion, But I’m Not Sure

Finding yourself pregnant when it wasn’t in your plans is pressure enough. You don’t need your partner pressuring you to choose abortion, too. No one has the right to force you to make one decision over another. This is your choice. Learn about all your options before deciding.

What Are My Options?

You have three options for your pregnancy: abortion, making an adoption plan, or parenting. Take a closer look at each one. You might be surprised to find that placing your child for adoption or parenting is a better choice.

Making an Adoption Plan

Most people need help understanding adoption. They’ve heard myths like, “My child will hate me because I chose adoption.” Or, “All adopted children have mental health problems.”

The truth is adoption can be the most loving decision you can make. If you are unable to provide for a child at this time because of finances, your home life, your age, or some other reason, adoption could be the answer.

Birth parents pay nothing to place their child for adoption. The potential adoptive parents pay all of your medical and legal fees. Other pregnancy-related costs may be taken care of as well.

You choose the family that will raise your child and the particular adoption plan. As your child grows, you can become a vital part of their life. 

Choosing to Parent

With the necessary resources and support, it is possible to parent. Unplanned doesn’t mean impossible. Reach Out offers various resources like free prenatal and parenting classes, baby supplies, clothing for young children, etc.

We provide mentors who will work closely with you to determine your needs and specific education. We also provide professional community referrals for medical care, counseling, and more.

Our no-cost material support also includes diapers, formula, and baby food. We believe in helping you gain a firm foundation when you parent. 

Having an Abortion

Many women feel having an abortion makes it all go away when, truthfully, an unplanned pregnancy has already changed their lives forever. Although we do not perform or refer for abortion, we can give you factual information.

There is a lot to know about abortion. Are you aware that the FDA only approves the abortion pill method through 10 weeks? Or that a complication of the abortion pill is an incomplete abortion?

Some women are also affected emotionally by their abortions. Studies have directly associated abortion with an increase in mental health problems, especially for women who already dealt with mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

We can discuss abortion procedures, the side effects to expect, and all the potential risks. Make sure you learn as much as possible.

Want to Know More?

If you want more details about your options, fill out our online form or call (513) 367-7710. We’re here for you.