Dads are vital to the health of the family.

Our staff believes in saving the life of the child. This means both Mom and Dad can help their newborn grow and develop.


We encourage men to be involved as fathers.

Calling All Fathers

We encourage men to be actively involved as fathers during pregnancy and beyond. Reach Out Pregnancy Center provides a dads’ program to help men become the best dads they can be. The program assists in developing the attitudes, knowledge, and skills men need to get – and stay – involved with their children.

What makes a great Dad?

He’s a man who:

  • Is aware of the significant impact he has on his family.
  • Is aware of his emotions, capabilities, and limitations.
  • Takes care of himself physically and spiritually.
  • Is aware of his distinct significant role, and is a positive role model for his children.
  • Is a nurturing parent who understands the unique contributions that both he and mom bring to the table (the difference between “fathering” and “mothering”).
  • Works to build healthy relationships with his family and others in his life.

Parenting Resources for Fathers

At Reach Out, dads are encouraged to participate with moms in our Earn While You Learn program to find out more about pregnancy and parenting. But we also have classes just for guys. Contact us to find out more about:

Reach Out Pregnancy Center

We nurture new fathers.

We believe men play a pivotal role in the family. Reach Out Pregnancy Center can help strengthen your family bonds by encouraging men to take active roles as fathers.