I Don’t Want to be Pregnant. Is Abortion My Only Option?

If you’ve recently discovered you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you have a big decision to make. The good news is you have options. Abortion is one of them, but take a closer look at making an adoption plan or parenting. You might be surprised at what is available to assist you. 

Have You Considered Making an Adoption Plan?

Misunderstanding surrounds the adoption process. Many people believe your baby is snatched from you the moment they’re born, given away to strangers, and you never see them again. Nothing can be further from the truth. 

You Have Choices in Adoption

As the expectant woman or birth mother, you select the adoptive parents and the future you want for your child. Do you want your child to live on a farm or in the city? Should they have immediate siblings or be the oldest? You get to decide based on what’s important to you.

You also choose the type of adoption plan. Select an open adoption if you want to have direct contact with the adoptive family and your child. A semi-open plan lets you have contact, but it’s sent through your adoption coordinator, giving you more privacy. Or, choose a closed adoption if you want complete anonymity.

It Costs You Nothing

Setting up the adoption should cost you nothing if you work with a reputable agency or attorney. Your medical and legal expenses are covered, plus specific court-approved living expenses. In Ohio, living expenses include rent or mortgage payments, utility costs, food, personal care items, etc.

After you give birth, you must wait three days (72 hours) before signing the agreement to place the child for adoption. A reputable agency or other adoption coordinator should also explain in detail the adoption process and provide in-depth counseling to ensure adoption is right for you.

What About Parenting?

Every parent will tell you parenting is challenging but also extremely rewarding. It requires a lot of determination and love. You may not feel you have the resources to parent now, but a tremendous amount of support is available.

Questions like, “Where will we live? Will my parents or partner help me? Can I finish school or continue working?” are all legitimate. Our team can discuss your needs and help you find the necessary support. 

Gain Confidence

We offer no-cost prenatal and parenting classes. We can teach you everything from a baby’s sleep patterns to nutrition and diaper changing. Our classes help you prepare for what’s ahead so you can feel confident as you tackle parenting. 

You can take other classes like Budgeting to learn better money management. We want you to be a successful parent. Whatever your need, we’ll help you find the resources.

Free Resources

Just look at the free resources we offer:

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If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and looking at your options, take time to learn what’s available. We’re here to walk alongside you. 
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