We encourage men to be actively involved as fathers during the term of the pregnancy and beyond. A mentoring program is available to help men become the best dad they can be. The 24/7 Dad mentoring program helps men develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills they need to get – and stay – involved with their children.

What does a 24/7 Dad™ look like?

He’s a man who:

• Is aware of the significant impact he has on his family.

• Is aware of his emotions, capabilities, and limitations.

• Takes care of himself physically and spiritually.

• Is aware of his distinct significant role, and is a positive role model for his children.

• He’s a nurturing parent who understands the unique contributions that both he and mom bring to the table (the difference between “fathering” and “mothering”).

• Works to build healthy relationships with his family and others in his life.

Additional parenting information for men can be found at the following link:
Parenting Resources for Fathers